Supports Responsible Development with Community Input

Ramey supports Responsible Development with community input  Ramey listens to and acts on behalf of the citizens and attends many citizens' meetings and events each month to understand WHAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS.
Open Space
Ramey Fights to Protect Open Space

Ramey worked with the community to successfully save the open space at 2090 Wright Street. This effort, In 2016, permanently added 4.7 acres to Sunset Park and helped preserve a neighborhood's way of life.
supports local schools
Supporting Stober Elementary

Ward 1 Council members Ramey Johnson and Charlie Able spoke at the School Board Meeting in support of Stober Elementary
Ramey Supports Local Business

Ramey supported the move of Caboose, the world's largest train store, from Denver to Lakewood. Ramey supports all of Lakewood's local businesses.
Ramey Supports Open Space

The taxpayers voted to keep Tabor refunds and of the initial refund
amount, $8.5 million was identified for open space. City Council met regarding potential land acquisition.

My focus is on equity throughout the city and purchasing the
most available land for the money at hand. Due to decreasing sales
tax revenues, the city will not see TABOR refund this year.

Ramey: We Must Be Good Stewards of Taxpayer Money

As stewards of taxpayer money, this issue is near to my heart. Your
money must be spent as if I were writing checks from my own individual check book. In consideration of diminishing sales tax revenues, budget cuts must be done strategically and look at core needs i.e. public safety. Last year, in addition to the $100,000 Charitable Giving Program an additional $100,000 of taxpayer funds were given to the Action Center and a onetime amount of $100,00 to the new Porchlight Program. This year, due to the diminishing sales tax revenues, a discussion will need to take place to make sure what funds we have will benefit the most in need.

Strategic Growth Initiative

This citizen-initiated ballot issue passed July 2nd. Even though it was the "vehicle" for allocation of reasonable residential building permits, it was far more.

This initiative represented years of citizen concern and outcry
regarding the pace of high-density residential buildings.

You, the people wanted input into the future growth of the city and
your neighborhood and, most importantly, you believed no one was
listening, so you took matters into your own hands.

My first priority as Mayor is to restore trust that you really do have a mayor who listens, cares and knows we are there to serve YOU. I will ignite a sense of hope that we truly are Lakewood Strong.
Ramey on Lakewood's Trash Situation

I believe the city can play a role in trash collection through a web site
solely dedicated to trash collection that lists all businesses, their prices,
add-on services (re-cycling, composting, etc.) and any discounts
(i.e, longtime customer, senior etc.). This would reduce the number of
trucks on our streets through free enterprise and make it easier for
you to shop for the appropriate business to fit your needs.