As we close the 50-year milestone for Lakewood as a city, we are at a crossroads.

This chapter can begin a time of true democracy where citizens voices are not only heard but sought, allowing our collective wisdom to prevail. A time when this beautiful city will truly reflect citizen input and one where you help to define our future.

I think in reality we all want the same thing, a community that embraces everyone who makes Lakewood their home.

It is time those who are elected understand, as I do, that we serve you, not the other way around. A new beginning of open, honest and real transparent governance.

As mayor of Lakewood I will stand for strong leadership bringing people together, residents having an equal seat at the table, working toward a mutual community vision and sustainable responsible growth.

Please join me in leading this exciting new vision and RESTORING TRUST.

I am Ramey Johnson and I am asking for your vote as the next Mayor of Lakewood.