RAMEY JOHNSON                         


Dr. Dennie Dorall 

Governor Polis has stated publicly that: “He would like to work with people who can find compromise,”  “He would also like to be familiar with people who understand and know what they are doing and respect the process."

This is fantastic, as our Governor is pointing out that we need people who have the expertise and experience to represent us, the people who live here and work here, and are trying to make a living, to have safe schools, and feel protected in our communities.

So refreshing, and that brings us to the current primary, in HD30, Former Colorado State House Representative and lifetime Coloradan Ramey Johnson has announced her candidacy for HD30 after receiving unanimous support at her County Assembly. She meets all that Governor Polis is publicly recommending, clearly Ramey Johnson has past experience, she has worked very hard in the past and stepping up to do it again. She has lived here all her life, and wants to make it safe for our kids to walk to school again. Safe to travel on Light rail again. Safe to live in your home and not have your car stolen. She also wants to work with local employers to find ways to add employment opportunities for people so they can work close to home and close to their children. Assist Seniors with property tax breaks so they too can stay in their homes and not have to sell and move far away from their grandchildren because they can't stretch their social security enough to eat food and pay the taxes.

Ms. Ramey Johnson will fight for the American dream of home ownership and advocate to reduce crazy high property taxes that hurt the family unit, fight to cut taxes and regulations that are killing small businesses from be able to open in our community, to bring vibrancy back to our district. So many can't make ends meet and have left this area as they can't afford the lease or can't afford to high enough workers. Ms. Ramey Johnson is the real deal, she worked many many years as an R.N., and knows what a true health care provider offers to their community by working long 12 hours shifts, unlike the posers who claim to be a health care worker, but have never seen a gun shot wound or domestic violence, or a traffic accident victims in an emergency room.

Ms. Ramey Johnson offers the down to earth representation of what we in the community need, someone who understands us and will hear our needs. To give us back a safe and beautiful community that has opportunity to grow.

I endorse Ms. Ramey Johnson for HD30.