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Ramey is ‘Pulling for You’

Special District Abuse – What we have learned from the Solterra experience

Special districts and how my Lakewood community — Solterra — landed in a mountain of debt

In 2016, a neighbor posted a seemingly simple question in a community social network online: “Why do my taxes keep increasing?”

The effort to answer that question took me on a three-year journey that exposed the depths of special-district abuse not only in my community — Solterra — but also across Colorado. The thread on Nextdoor led to my first meeting a week later with neighbors and a resident appointed by the developer to the Solterra special-district board. He was there to “monitor” the conversation (his words).

An hour later, the message was clear: Residents won’t understand. They won’t care. Don’t rock the boat.

I left my neighbor’s home smiling. I’m still “rocking,” and won’t quit until I stop special-district abuse.

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Stormwater Utility Increase explained

Find out everything you need to know about Storm Water Utility billing

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“I did NOT vote for the increase. Not because we do not need stormwater work but, primarily because it did not have a “sunset” provision.

A sunset provision puts in place a timetable when an increase will be re-visited. There should always be accountability on how YOUR money is being spent and if it is accomplishing what was expected. Additionally, the stormwater increase has an AUTOMATIC INCREASE built into the measure,” Ramey.